The newest customers at state Sen. Tommie Broadwater's Ebony Inn in Fairmount Heights are investigators from the Prince George's County liquor board, who have visited the club regularly since a female dancer performed last week, wearing only a black garter around her left thigh.

But Monday night, an inspector watched a woman dance in not only a G-string, which is required by law, but also a blouse with a brassiere beneath it.

"She was wearing everything except a fur coat," said Jerome Kromash, chief liquor inspector. "We will continue the investigation on a nightly basis, until we are satisfied that there is no nude dancing and then we will go back to a spot check."

Kromash said the investigation of the Ebony Inn so far has revealed no new instances of nude dancing, which is a violation of county liquor board regulations and Maryland state law.

No action was planned against Broadwater or co-owner Sebrone King Sr., Kromash said, as long as nude dancing does not take place at the Ebony Inn again. Penalties for nude dancing include a fine and liquor license suspension or revocation.

Topless dancing is legal in Prince George's and despite criticism from local politicians, some of whom were surprised that Broadwater allowed such entertainment at his club, King said yesterday that topless dancing at the club will continue.

"We haven't stopped it," he said. "We ain't going to stop what we've been doing for three of four years, because we ain't violating no laws."

Broadwater was unavailable for comment.