Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B has sent a letter to the D.C. Board of Education protesting the lack of community involvement in the process of deciding what to do with the Summer and Magruder school sites at 17th and M streets NW.

Five development proposals for the sites were presented to a joint Board of Education and District government panel last week. The panel is expected to make a recommendation to the Board of Education and the Department of General Services later this month. All the proposals would retain the landmark Summer School, but only three would keep Magruder School. Four proposals call for office and retain use of the site and one calls for a hotel.

All proposals include arrangements for minority participation. One development group, headed by Atlantic Monthly Publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, would grant a 5 percent equity interest in the project to the Metropolitan AME Church at 16th and M streets. Some proposals provide for public use of Summer School, perhaps as a site for the City Museum. The city would lease the land to the developer.

Ann Sellin reported on the proposals to the ANC at a recent meeting. The ANC decided to consider them at a later date.

The ANC is supporting three bills currently before the City Council. One would require landlords to install locks on exterior apartment house doors. Another would allow tenants to deduct the cost of repairs from rent and a third would require that apartment house elevators be kept in good condition.

The ANC will meet Aug. 26 at 8 p.m. at St. Thomas Church, 1722 Church St. NW. Possible zoning violations will be discussed -- including Sabrina's above the Old Stein on Connecticut Avenue and Video Games at 1522 connecticut Ave. and on 19th Street NW.