To begin, we humbly submit a panorama of political ponderings from the Old Dominion and the land of crabs.

While Montgomery County Executive Charles Gilchrist continues to scrub away at the tar and tarnishment of Liquorgate, erstwhile politicos and sundry other opportunists are meeting in backrooms all over Rockville to look ahead to the 1982 county elections. Some Democrats remain rather nervous over what they consider Gilchrist's scarlet letter L, and there's talk of ushering forward a candidate of unblemished cleanliness, namely David Scull, who only recently returned from Annapolis to take his late mother's seat on the County Council. Meanwhile, council members Scott Fosler and Esther Gelman are starting to do a bit of jockeying on their own.

It gets even better on the Republican side. State Del. Luiz Simmons, he of liberal leanings and tax-the-country-clubs fame, has been talking to local leaders and men of money about running, and is prepared to do a poll in October to see how many folks recognize his name. Simmons is wondering whether he will meet up with county school board member Marian Greenblatt on the campaign trail. Greenblatt, of conservative leanings and get-back-to-basics fame, recently changed her party registration to the GOP. Still another candidate may be state delegate Connie Morella, who attempted to get the GOP nomination for Congress in 1980.