Prince William County police yesterday charged a 16-year-old woman with child neglect for allegedly leaving her infant daughter tied by the ankle to a tent pole at the county fairgrounds Thursday night.

Authorities said a passerby heard the 15-month-old child crying and notified police. The woman and her husband, whom police declined to identify, are carnival employes working this week at the Prince William County Fair. They were living in the tent where the child was found about 11:20 p.m. tied with a piece of clothesline, officials said.

The child, wearing a sundress and diapers, was reported in good condition after receiving medical attention for minor injuries, according to authorities, who planned to place the child in a temporary foster home.

A court hearing into the case is scheduled Wednesday.

"It would be our intent that adequate provisions are made for the child and that a similar situation wouldn't occur again in the future," said Ric Perez, director of the Department of Social Services, which is investigating the case. "How the child came to be in that situation or what would have prompted somebody to put a child in that situation hasn't been determined," he said.

Officials said the child's parents are residients of Pennsylvania.