Shortly after 5 a.m. yesterday, according to Helen Holly, a 22-year-old woman burst into her Fairfax County duplex screaming "I've been shot, I've been shot."

Police said later that the injured woman, Debra Bradshaw, of nearby 2725 Fort Drive, had been shot five times in an incident that left Bradshaw and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Joe Harris, hospitalized.

Harris, of 2721 Fairhaven Drive, was listed in serious condition at Mount Vernon Hospital last night with a single gunshot would to the abdomen. Bradshaw was in fair condition, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to her chest, arm and side.

Police said both were injured as they sat in a van parked at an intersection in the Jefferson Manor neighborhood off Telegraph Road. Police say they have recovered a gun believed to have been used in the shootings. No charges have been filed in the case.

"I was pretty upset. It's hard to see a friend of yours get shot," said Gary Anger, who was awakened yesterday when he heard Holly, his mother and Bradshaw, a childhood friend, screaming for help.

"I ran downstairs and I saw she had a gun in her hand," Anger said. "She was bleeding profusely."

Neither Anger nor Holly said they heard any shots from the parked van near their house. Laurie Smith, 23, of 5855 Edgehill Rd. said the gunshot noise awakened her. "I just sort of dismissed it," she said, because the neighborhood is usually "pretty active."