A 17-year-old Brentwood youth, playing out a dare over who could stay on the railroad tracks the longest as a train approached, was killed last night when a B&O train struck him near his home, according to Prince George's County Police.

Guy Clifford Holden of 3701 Quincy Rd. had been drinking with two friends near the tracks at Utah Street off Rhode Island Avenue in Brentwood, when he dared his friends as the freight train approached, police said. The friends tried to pull Holden off the tracks but he was struck and thrown 105 feet, according to police.

The train was the B&O Curtis Bay Extra with three locomotives pulling 118 cars, according to a press aide for the Chessie System, of which B&O is a part. The aide, Vera Leclercq, said she did not know how fast the train was traveling.

There was no fence along the tracks and Leclercq said, "It wouldn't have mattered if there was. Kids will trespass no matter what kind of obstructions you put up. They will climb over or go around," she said.

She said it would not be practical to place fences along the Chessie System's 22,000 miles of tracks. Instead, the railroad runs training programs to teach children about train safety.