Retail food prices in Northern Virginia increased 1 percent over last month, according to the Market Basket, a random sampling of 71 items priced during the last month by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.

The total cost of the Market Basket for Northern Virginia in August was $58.94, compared to $58.34 for July.

In Northern Virginia, prices for 41 grocery items increased, 25 decreased and four were unchanged. One item was unavailable.

Among meats, canned ham was up 31.3 cents a pound; bacon, up 23.4 cents a pound; pork chops, up 19.6 cents a pound; rib roast, up 14.4 cents a pound; chuck roast, up 10.1 cents a pound; pork sausage, up 8 cents a pound; and veal cutlets, up 5.9 cents a pound.

Decreases in meat prices included frozen perch, down 7.9 cents a pound; hamburger, down 7.4 cents a pound; tuna, down 6.8 cents for a 6 1/2-ounce can; and fryers, down 5.5 cents a pound.

At the produce counter, oranges were up 31.3 cents a dozen; lettuce, up 15.5 cents a head; green beans, up 13.9 cents a pound; apples, up 11.1 cents a pound; white potatoes, up 10.5 cents per 10 pounds; and tomatoes, up 5.4 cents a pound. The only significant price decrease among produce was celery, which was down 28.6 cents a stalk.

Other price increases included cola drinks, up 12.9 cents for eight 16-ounce bottles; ice cream, up 8.7 cents a half gallon; navy beans, up 8.5 cents a pound; frozen lemonade, up 5.7 cents for a 6-ounce can; and frozen broccoli, up 5.5 cents for a 10-ounce package.

Among price decreases were sugar, down 10.1 cents for five pounds; tea, down 9.1 cents for 48 bags; and shortening, down 8.1 cents for a three-pound bag.