Two District of Columbia men were arrested yesterday in connection with the armed robbery of a parking lot cashier's booth at National Airport. The holdup was the fifth such incident in the last two weeks, according to Federal Aviation Administration police.

U.S. Park Police, who captured two men at the 12th Street under-pass and Constitution Avenue shortly after the 12:30 p.m. holdup, identified the suspects as Larry James Woodall, 27, of 330 19th St. NW and John Foster, 43, of 3421 19th St. NE. Both men were charged with being fugitives from justice.

FAA police said a gunman walked up to a cashier's booth at an extension of the airport's main parking lot, demanded money, fled on foot and then was spotted by a patrolling FAA officer as the suspect got into the passenger side of a blue Ford automobile.

A lookout was broadcast for the car, and Park Police saw the Ford going east on the Southwest Freeway. The arrest was made without incident.

An FAA police official declined to say how much money was taken in yesterday's holdup, but said that the takes in all five of the cashier's booth holdups averaged between $200 and $400.