A compromise reached yesterday could settle a year-long feud between Fairfax County landowners and Virginia Electric and Power Co. over the route of a high-voltage power line near Reston.

The plan would allow Vepco to build the towering 110-foot high lines along the east side of the proposed Springfield Bypass on the northwestern edge of Reston, away from neighborhoods were landowners said the wires would mar the view and hurt property values.

The compromise was drafted by landowners and local officials who opposed Vepco's two original proposals -- a 31/2 mile stretch through the center of northern Reston or the alternative plan through the Stuart Ridge development near Herndon.

Although Vepco wasn't involved directly in drawing up the compromise, spokesman James Buck said, "We'll go along with it . . . but we know that not everybody is going to be happy."

State Del. John Rust Jr. (R-Fairfax) said the agreement will satisfy most landowners in the area.

The State Corporation Commission will have the final say in the location of the 230,000-volt line and the accompanying $2.7-million substation. A hearing will be conducted in mid-October on the issue, Buck said