Two teen-aged brothers from Camp Springs who were not present when their ticket was drawn won a $113,000 Fairfax County house last night in a raffle that has attracted widespread national attention as an innovative way to sell property in a tight real estate market.

The five-bedroom house in the Kings Park subdivision went to Nathan G. Price III, who is 19, and his brother, Shawn M. Price, 17, described as "so excited they haven't had time to think" about what they will do with the prize won with their $100 ticket.

However, their mother said their initial reaction was to talk in terms of Prosches and Maseratis, apparently to be purchased by possibly selling the house.

The Cape-Cod style house was owned by John and Carilyn Redman, who decided to have the Annandale Boys Club raffle it after they spent months trying to sell it.

The club arranged to buy the house before the raffle. A lawyer for the club said about 2,000 tickets were ultimately sold and that the club expects to clear about $80,000

About 500 persons were in the club's auditorium last night when the winning ticket was plucked from a metal drum.They were silent as the winning number was read. But a telephone call was eventually made to the Prices and there was exhilaration in Camp Springs.