He doesn't stutter. Honest: The wife of Virginia Democratic candidate for governor Charles S. Robb vigorously denied yesterday that the man running for the commonwealth's highest office has trouble getting his words out.

Working out her campaign schedule at her husband's McLean headquarters yesterday when a reporter called, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb tried to clear things up.

"He does not stutter," Mrs. Robb insisted. "He's very articulate."

An article in Sunday's Washington Post had reported that much of the film shot of Robb for his latest five-minute television commercial was unusable because of Robb's faltering delivery.

A scene in the paid political announcement, playing in homes around the state, shows the politician, in white shirt and tie, jawing with a wrinkled old farmer in Clarke County. The farmer, in a moment of down-home soothsaying, predicts that since Mrs. Robb had a child when her husband ran for lieutenant governor, she would probably have another this year.

"Now wait a minute," Robb snaps. "A m-m-m-m-minute ago we were just discussin'. Now you've gone to meddlin'."

"The man," Mrs. Robb said, "was getting into very personal matters. You'd stutter too if he started talking to you like that."