Four Fairfax County officials are just about rested up after flying 20 hours back from their five-day trip to Hsin Chu County in Taiwan.

County Board of Supervisors Chairman John F. Herrity, county Executive J. Hamilton Lambert, water authority head William Madden and economic development authority head Charles Gulledge -- along with George Mason University President George Johnson -- were flown to Taiwan on Aug. 24 at the expense of the Hsin Chu County government.

The days were spent touring universities, factories, shipyards, art centers and the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial in Taipei. And the nights? They were spent in the splendor of ceremonial banquets and Taiwanese beer and rice wine.

A little international diplomacy was required at the end of the trip when Herrity was presented with a red, white and blue Taiwanese flag and a proclamation in which he was to agree to fly the flag in front of the County's Massey Building with the American and Virginia colors.

Herrity balked at this one, however, and after representatives from both counties redrafted the wording late into the night, the proclamation was changed.

Under the new terms, it was agreed that Herrity would display the flag in his Massey building quarters "as long as the Lord allows him to keep that office."