In an election that will be marked by relatively few contests, 301 candidates have filed petitions with the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to run for 367 single-member district seats on the city's 36 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

In 53 of the districts, which serve about 2,000 residents each, two or more candidates are running for the unpaid commissioner positions. Candidates failed to file in 124 districts but many of these vacancies are expected to be filled by write-in candidates.

Persons who wish to register as write-in candidates have until one week before the election to notify the Board of Elections and Ethics. Candidates must be registered D.C. voters who have lived for at least 60 days in the single-member district they seek to represent.

The names of registered write-in candidates are not printed on the ballot, but such candidates may have a watcher at the voting precinct and a watcher in the counting center. Unregistered write-in candidates do not have this privilege.

If they are not successfully challenged this week, the 301 candidates who registered by the Sept. 4 deadline will appear on the ballot in the Nov. 3 election. District voters also will choose five Board of Education members and 45 delegates to a constitutional convention to be held in 1982.

Advisory Neighborhood commissioners serve two year terms. According to a law passed in 1981, there is no limit on the number of terms a commissioner may serve. More than half the candidates in November's ANC election are incumbents.

Four persons now serving as ANC commissioners are currently candidates for the D.C. Board of Education, enhancing the prospect that the ANC's will become steppingstones to higher office. The commissioners are Manuel B. Lopez of ANC 1C and Phyllis E. Young of ANC 4C, both candidates for the at-large seats now held by Frank Shaffer-Corona and Barbara Lett Simmons, and O. V. Johnson of ANC 8D and Linda H. Moody of ANC 8A, both candidates for the Ward 8 seat held by R. Calvin Lockridge.

The ANCs hold public meetings at least once a month to consider issues of concern to neighborhood residents. Under the legislation creating the ANCs, city agencies are obliged to refer pending actions to the ANCs concerned and to give "great weight" to their recommendations. Ward I ANC 1A SMD 2. Roman Bukowinsky, 1524 Ogden St. NW. SMD 4. Elona Anita Evans-McNeil, 3055 16th St. NW. SMD 6. Marietta Smith, 1351 Meridian Pl. NW. ANC1B SMD 3. Stanley Joseph Mayes, 1334 Wallach Pl. NW. SMD 4. Edna Frazier-Cromwell, 2015 13th St. NW. SMD 5. Anwar S. Saleem, 1810 Eighth St. NW. SMD 6. David Russell Parker, 1922 Sixth St. NW. SMD 7. Theresa F. Brown, 317 U St. NW. SMD 9. Lillian Tymus, 2379 11th St. NW. SMD 12. James M. Curry, 1209 Clifton St. NW. ANC 1C SMD 1. Virginia M. Johnson, 1818 Vernon St. NW. SMD 2. Susan K. Green, 1901 Wyoming Ave. NW; Jane A. Myder, 2318 20th St. NW. SMD 3. Raymond E. Burnes, 1870 Wyoming Ave. NW; George M. Yaksic, 2120 18th St. NW; Lynn An Ohman, 2746 Woodley Pl. NW. SMD 4. Kenneth R. Jacques, 1928 Biltmore St. NW. SMD 5. William G. Rogers, 1921 Calvert St. NW. SMD 6. Harry W. Baker, 2807 Ontario Rd. NW. SMD 7. Harry J. Quintana, 1629 Columbia Rd. NW. SMD 8. John Jones, 1620 Fuller St. NW; Nancy Lou Shie 1736 Columbia Rd. NW. SMD 9. Edward G. Jackson Sr., 2460 Ontario Rd. NW. SMD 10. Elaine Piccini, 1661 Crescent Pl. NW; Roland E. Roebuck, 2400 16th St. NW. SMD 11. O'Bryant Kenner, 1815 17th St. NW. SMD 12. Robin John Erdmann, 1731 S St. NW; B. Harold Smith, 1731 S St. NW. ANC 1D SMD 1. Charles Thomas Vetter Jr., 2123 Leroy Pl. SE. SMD 2. Elaine M. Dym, 1718 22nd St. NW. ANC 1E SMD 3. Linda M. Low, 1827 Park Rd. NW. SMD 4. Joseph L. Hazward, 3203 Adams Mill Rd. NW. Ward II ANC 2A SMD 1. Jonathan H. Nowick, 1001 26th St. NW. SMD 1. Paul Winick, 2515 K St. NW. SMD 2. Louis T. Rigdon II, 1255 New Hampshire Ave. NW. SMD 3. Maria O. Tyler, 949 25th St. NW. SMD 4. Geoffrey E. Stamm, 2475 Virginia Ave. NW. SMD 5. Stephen A. Levy, 615 22nd St. NW. SMD 6. James J. Molinelli, 2150 F. St. NW. ANC 2D SMD 2. William G. Middleton Jr., 1749 18th St. MW. SMD 3. George G. Nelson, 1613 Riggs Pl. NW. SMD 5. Susan W.B. Meehan, 1740 Corcoran St. NW; Richard E. Pleban, 1755 Church St. NW. SMD 6. Ralph B. Bristol Jr., 1520 Corcoran St. NW. SMD 7. Kenneth J. Rothschild, 7148 O St. NW. ANC 2C SMD 2. Elmer J. Brooks, 1334 Vermont Ave. NW. SMD 3. James F. Orr, 1420 N St. NW. SMD 4. Louis Raymond Perkins, 1234 Massachusetts Ave. NW. SMD 5. Mildred L. Edwards, 1220 12th St. NW. SMD 6. Lorraine J. Johnson, 1010 S St. NW. SMD 7. Mary L. Raycrow, 938 French St. NW SMD 10. Albert D. Bartlett Jr., 1100 Ninth St. NW. SMD 11. Sterling Green, 602 Emmanual Ct. NW. SMD 12. Milton L. Perry, 1210 Fifth St. NW; Daniel L. Zimmerman, 1125 Fifth St. NW. SMD 13. Bennie Samuel Fields, 456 K St. NW. SMD 15. Audrey C. Thomas, 1200 N. Capitol St. NW. Margaretta I. Sibert, 1140 N. Capitol St. NW. SMD 17. David Murray, 1134 Seventh St. NE. SMD 18. Margaret B. Cooper, 425 Warner St. NW; Do Nunley, 216 Parker St. NE. SMD 19. Charles Richardson Jr., 703 H St. NE. ANC 2D SMD 1. Willie Lloyd Reeves, 1100 Sixth St. SW. SMD 2. Twyla B. Bishop, 827 Third St. SW; Charles W. Hargrave, 600 Third St. SW. SMD 4. Brian P. Moore, 510 N St. SW. SMD 5. Ethel J. Williams, 1301 Delaware Ave. SW. SMD 6. Clarence Green, 1200 Delaware Ave. SW. SMD 8. Constance Joan Smallwood, 1111 Thirst St. SE. Ward III ANC 3A SMD 2. Harry A. Sellery, 1662 34th St. NW. SMD 3. William Sanjour, 3244 Grace St. NW. SMD 4. Pamela Dee Hinds, 2919 Q St. NW. SMD 5. Timothy L. Robinson, 2717 P St. NW. SMD 6. Raymond L. Kukuliski, 1019 30th St. NW. ANC 3B SMD 1. Georgia A. Gavalla, 3520 W Pl. NW. SMD 2. Phyllis Myers, 2626 Tunlaw Rd. NW. SMD 3. Mark W. Looney, 2237 40th Pl. NW. SMD 4. Dale V. Barone, 2400 41st St. NW; Renee Berger, 2214 42nd St. NW; Mark L. Plotkin, 4124 Edmunds St. NW. SMD 6. Kirk Rankin, 4517 Potomac Ave. NW. ANC 3C SMD 2. Ruth Hangen, 2800 Woodley Rd. NE. SMD 3. Charles Szoradi, 2822 28th St. NW. SMD 6. Kaj. A. Strand, 3202 Rowland Pl. NW. SMD 9. Patricia Wamsley, 3238 Idaho Ave. NW. SMD 10. David Grinnell, 2603 36th Pl. NW; Lora Price, 2711 34th Pl. NW. ANC 3D SMD 2. Andrew J. Sherman, 222 Hughes Hall, American University. SMD 5. Joel H. Garner, 5201 Sherier Pl. NW. SMD 6. Nancy L. Feldman, 4911 W St. NW. ANC 3E SMD 1. Diane B. Sheahan, 4848 Albermarle St. NW. SMD 2. George W. Porter, 4514 Ellicott St. NW. SMD 3. Arthur H. Purcell, 4416 Fessenden St. NW. SMD 4. Stephen G. Posniak, 5025 42nd St. NW. SMD 5. Doris Y. Mosley, 4201 Massachusetts Ave. NW. ANC 3F SMD 2. Shari B. Kharasch, 2900 Upton St. NW. SMD 5. Gloria R. Corn, 4707 Connecticut Ave. NW. SMD 6. Barbara BL Luchs, 3633 Appleton St. NW. SMD 7. Robert A. Cline, 4500 Connecticut Ave. NW. SMD 8. Mark A. Heller, 4412 39th St. NW. ANC 3G SMD 1. Heleny Cook, 3244 Chestnut St. NW. SMD 2. Allen E. Beach, 3032 Stephenson Pl. NW. SMD 3. Lee A. Schoenecker, 5543 30th Pl. NW. SMD 4. Martha E. Williams, 3225 Patterson St. NW. SMD 5. Louise I. Shelley, 3409 Patterson st. NW. SMD 6. Paul L. Irvin, 5425 Connecticut Ave. NW. SMD 7. John A. Jenkins, 3944 Livingston St. NW. SMD 8. Karl F. Mautner, 3717 Huntington St. NW; Harry Feehan, 3728 Harrison St. NW; Crescentina J. O'Neal, 3618 Ingomar Pl. NW. Ward IV ANC 4A SMD 2. Margot C. Wahl, 1344 Ft. Stephens Dr. NW. SMD 3. Hythenn W. Jones, 6101 16th St. NW; Weldon D. Walker, 6416 Luzon Ave. NW. SMD 4. Hans I. Larsen, 1317 Tuckerman St. NW. SMD 5. James Walker, 1412 Whittier Pl. NW. SMD 6. Richard R. Clark, 7509 14th St. NW; John P. Richardson, 1415 Holly St. NW. SMD 7. Natalie A. Howard, 1400 Iris St. NW. SMD 8. Harry T. Jones, 1921 Tulip St. NW; William B. Pollard, 8233 West Beach Terr. NW. ANC 4B SMD 1.Albert O'Burke, 7416 Eighth St. NW. SMD 2. Andrea P. Masciana, 614 Highland Ave. NW; Gloria H. Johnson, 6826 Fifth St. NW. SMD 3. Fletcher H. Word Jr., 53 Underwood Pl. NW. SMD 4. Wesley W. Garrett, 820 Tuckerman St. NW. SMD 5.Nazim Abdul Karriem, 6015 Eighth St. NW; William L. Watson, 6318 Fifth St. NW; Susie J. Carpenter, 714 Marietta Pl. NW. SMD 9. Jean H. Bennett, 5716 Third St. NW; Mary C. Tucker, 5921 Second Pl. NW. SMD 10. Johnie D. Wilson, 201 Rittenhouse St. NE. SMD 11. Catherine D. Castellano, 414 Riggs Rd. NE. SMD 12. Rose A. Lee, 5536 4th St. NE. ANC 4C SMD 2. Geneva R. Jones, 1222 Hamilton St. NW. SMD 3. LaVerne H. Ring, 4600 13th St. NW. SMD 7. Velma, V. Dzidzienyo, 914 Quincy St. NW. SMD 8. Kevin DeRiddick, 1324 Quincy St. NW. SMD 9. C. Michael M. Burton Jr., 4011 14th St. NW; Mary Lou Fant, 4011 13th St. NW. SMD 10. John E. Eason Jr., 1757 Shepherd St. NW. ANC 4D SMD 2. Willard H. Peschier, 433 Jefferson St. NW. SMD 3. Roosevelt Fuller, 40 Longfellow St. NW. SMD 5. Bobby Campbell, 236 Hamilton St. NW; Jaime M. Robinson, 5234 First St. NW. SMD 6. Mary E. Wilson, 5008 Seventh St. NW. SMD 7. Leonard S. Jones, 5004 Third St. NW. SMD 12. Joan M. Thomas, 715 Varnum St. NW. SMD 13. Alonzo P. Moore, 4317 Fourth St. NW. Ward V ANC 5A SMD 1. Lucien H. Minor, 916 Hamilton St. NE. SMD 2. Etta I. Marshall, 1014 Galloway St. NE. SMD 3. Josepy L. Bowser, 4809 Seventh St. NE. SMD 5. Ali Kahn, 4400 13th Pl. NE; Anthony D. Roberson, 4500 S. Dakota Ave. NE. SMD 6. Harry L. Thomas, 4003 21st St. NE. SMD 7. Douglas A. Daiss, 4104 10th St. NE. SMD 8. Talmadge L. Moore, 1512 Newton ST. NE. SMD 9. Robert I. Artists, 1353 Otis St. NE. SMD 10. Andrew P. Corley Jr., 3519 14th St. NE. SMD 11. Gregory J. Agostinelli, 1801 Kearny St. NE. SMD 12. Angelyn Spaulding, 1905 Randolph ST. NE. SMD 13. Elizabeth S. Smith, 3104 Channing ST. NE; Harry C. Wheeler, 3002 25th St. NE. SMD 14. Edward H. Wolterbeek, 3139 Cherry Rd. NE; Mozelle E. Watkins, 3225 Walnut ST. NE. ANC 5B SMD 1. Enez W. Martin, 1719 Franklin ST. NE; Horace M. Roberts Sr., 1456 Channing St. NE. SMD 3. Mary A. Bennekin, 2216 16th St. NE; Judy Smith, 2345 14th St. NE. SMD 4. Rubell Bing, 1228 Brentwood Rd. NE; Emerson S. Davis, 1384 Bryant St. NE. SMD 5. John C. Hawkins, 1829 Corcoran St. NE. SMD 7. Virginia L. Hudson, 1227 Holbrook Terr. NE. SMD 8. George A. Boyd, 1264 Owen Pl. NE. SMD 9. Edward L. Minor, 1144 Neal St. NE. SMD 10. Lewis E. Lindsey, 1428 Morse St. NE; Norece Pickney, 1400 Florida AVe. NE. SMD 11. James S. Chappelle, 1341 Queen St. NE. SMD 13. Kittie E. Stokes, 1782 Land Pl. NE. SMD 15. Richard V. Stanford, 1944 Bennett Pl. NE. ANC 5C SMD 1. Victor B. Blackburn, 50 Florida Ave. NW. SMD 5. Curlie M. Williams, 2019 Third St. NE. SMD 6. Daniel L. Robinson, 1921 Lincoln Rd. NE. SMD 7. Delong Harris Jr., 31 R St. NW; Florence H. Pendleton, 147 ST. N.W. SMD 9. Nelson M. Terry Sr., 29 U St. NW; Keith A. Vance, 128 Thomas St. NW. SMD 10. Mary L. Barbour, 37 Franklin St. NE; James Williams Jr., 2715 E. Capitol St. NE. SMD 11. Raymond H. Jacob, 319 Bryant St. NE. SMD 12. Gloria K. Herbert, 601 Edgewood St. NE; Virginia L. Matthews, 506 Edgewood St. NE. SMD 13. Robert E. Mason, 2827 Fourth St. NE. SMD 14. Lelia F. Peterbank, 2701 Fourth St. NE. SMD 15. Vivian C. Ashton, 2706 12th St. NE. Ward VI ANC 6A SMD 6. Ernest Postell, 1418 E St. NE. SMD 7. Thelma H. Reynolds, 619 14th St. NE. SMD 9. Doris L. Brooks, 1223 E St. NE. SMD 10. Raymond E. Mercer, 1218 C St. NE. SMD 13. Daniel Butler, 901 F St. NE. SMD 18. Pearl Greene, 312 F St. NE. ANC 6B SMD 1. Robert E. Donaldson, 310 A St. NE. SMD 2. Donald R. Dinan, 129 D St. SE. SMD 3. Roland W. Dority, 105 Sixth St. SE. SMD 4. Sharon T. Nelson, 418 D St. SE. SMD 5. David J. Schlein, 529 G St. NE. SMD 6. Peter A. Eveleth, 920 N. Carolina Ave. SE. SMD 7. Flossie A. Lee, 202 11th St. SE. SMD 8. L. Leonard Hacker, 525 10th St. SE. SMD 11. Allean C. Brown, 1409 S. Carolina Ave. SE. SMD 12. Edward A. Grossman, 1414 E. St. SE. SMD 15. Joy J. Wilson, 336 15th St. SE. SMD 16. William V. McFarland, 1834 Potomac Ave. SE. ANC 6C SMD 1. Daouda M. Lawrence, 3411 B St. SE. SMD 2. Joseph E. Johnson, 723 Croissant Pl. SE. SMD 5. Johnnie N. Ferguson, 1919 Ridge Pl. SE. SMD 6. Timothy J. Ferrall, 1420 S St. SE. SMD 7. James A. Bennett, 2253 Mt. View Pl. SE; William C. Shelton, 1930 M.L. King Ave. SE. SMD 8. Ernest Darling, 1828 Eighth St. SE. SMD 9. Ronald Moyer, 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE. SMD 12. Evelyn H. Wagstaff, 2228 Hunter Pl. SE. Ward VII ANC 7A SMD 1. Kimi O. Gray, 1521 45th St. NE. SMD 2. Regina T. Rutledge, 4323 anacostia Ave. NE. SMD 3. Barbara A. Brown, 3770 Hayes St. NE; Darrell R. Matthews, 3751 Jay St. NEf Gloria E. Thurman, 3724-A Hayes St. NE. SMD 5. John D. McGee, 221 Anacostia Ave. NE. SMD 6. Charles T. Gober, 223 34th St. NE. ANC 7B SMD 1. Rayfield Alfred, 1437 35th ST. SE. SMD 2. Jean A. Davis, 3132 P. St. SE; Maryland D. Kemp, 3340 Highwood Dr. SE. SMD 3. William Blount, 4115 Massachussetts Ave. SE. SMD 4. Donald Vowels, 1404 42nd Pl. SE. SMD 5. Gladys W. Bray, 3715-A Alabama Ave. SE; Beverly N. Robinson, 2012-B 37th St. SE. SMD 7. William J. Hickey, 2808 Terrace Rd. SE. SMD 8. Michael E. Diggs, 2046 34th St. SE; Joel E. McLeod Sr., 2855 Hillcrest Dr. SE. SMD 9. Ada W. Carter, 1630 28th St. SE. ANC 7C SMD 1. Rita L. Ferrall, 5029 Meade St. NE; Lawrence E. Perry, 5119 Lee St. NE. SMD 2. Carolyn W. Ricanek, 1220 47th Pl. NE. SMD 4. George C. Goode Jr., 4810 Jay St. NE. SMD 5. Herbert J. Amons Sr., 5308 James Pl. NE; Eva M. Jones, 5336 Jay St. NE. SMD 6. George L. Whitlock, 5703 Foote St. NE. SMD 7. Elaine S. Marcellus, 5400 Blaine St. NE; William O. Woodson, 5348 E. Capitol St. NE. SMD 8. Lillie M. Grier, 253 56th Pl. NEf Joseph F. Wood, 5707 Blaine St. NE. SMD 9. Sylvia I. Butler, 111 58th St. NE; Mary L. Gaffney, 328 62nd St. NE; Roscoe Thomas Jr., 239 60th St. NE. ANC 7D SMD 1. Jean A. McNeil, 4231 Blaine St. NE; George C. Morris, 4030 Clay Pl. NE. SMD 3. James Parks, 4117 Minnesota Ave. NE. SMD 4. James F. Olney Sr., 204 46th St. NE. SMD 5. Randolph C. Cummings, 4214 Clay St. NE. SMD 6. Oscar Reed, 309 51st St. NE. SMD 7. Charles R. Norris, 4931 Fitch Pl. NE; Joyce L. Skinner, 222 50th St. NE. ANC 7E SMD 4. Cora A Ferrell, 5054 E St. NE. SMD 6. Minnie C. Robinson, 5221 E. Capitol St. SE. SMD 7. Frank M. Perry, 4825 Bass Pl. SE. SMD 8. Benjamin E. Thomas, 1135 Chapin St. SE. SMD 10. Calvin E. Lindo, 4615 Hillside Rd. SE. SMD11. Joyce E. Thomas, 4826 Benning Rd. SE. ANC 7F SMD 1. Constance M. Thompson, 4560 Texas Ave. SE. SMD 2. Jerolyn Minor, 3918 Burns Pl. SE. SMD 3. Walter C. Lewis Sr., 320 Anacostia Rd. SE. SMD 6. Pearl B. Settle, 236 37th Pl. SE. Ward VIII ANC 8A SMD 1. William C. Larkins, 1223 Summer Rd. SE. SMD 2. Arthur L. Lloyd, 2615 Bowen Rd. SE. SMD 3. Richard L. Gaylor, 2900 Pomery Rd. SE. SMD 5. Thorald A. Johns Sr., 2416 17th Pl. SE. SMD 9. Mary M. Jones, 434 Orange St. SE; William C. Lewis, 413 Oakwood St. SE. ANC 8B SMD 1. Ronald L. Williams, 2501 12th Pl. SE. SMD 3. Shirley E Woolridge, 2852 23rd Pl. SE; The Rev. Moses Williams, 2822 Bruce Pl. SE. SMD 4. Mary F. Ross, 2633 Jasper St. SE. SMD 5. Viola M. Bowen, 2468 Alabama Ave. SE. SMD 8. Marie W. Patterson, 1934 Savannah Pl. SE. ANC 8C SMD 1. W. Wilbert Browne, 716 Congress St. SE; Ervin E. Phelps, 3210 M. L. King Jr. Ave. SE. SMD 2. Hattie R. L. Browne, 741 Congress St. SE; Ashley W. Toon, 1457 Bruce St. SE. SMD 3. Pamela D. Jordan, 1240 Savannah St. SE. SMD 5. Joan B. Baylor, 3834 Ninth St. SE. SMD 6. Everett W. Hackney, 3700 Ninth St. SE. SMD 8. Alvester (Sonny) Roots, 509 Foxhall Pl. SE; Thomas W. Smith, 423 Valley Ave. SE. SMD 9. Wardell V. Barnes, 835 Yuma St. SE. ANC 8D SMD 2. David A. Lyon 20 Chesapeake St. SE. SMD 3. Hugh W. Gray, 4101 M. L. King Ave. SW. SMD 4. James Little, 186 Forrester St. SW; Wanda D. Matthews, 133 Galveston Pl. SW. SMD 9. Mablean N. Carter, 4201 Seventh St. SE. SMD 10. John H. Reeves II, 615 Galveston ST. SE; Robert L. Yeldell, 800 Southern Ave. SE.