Benjamin Solomon Lee, 66, a speechwriter and public information specialist at the Federal Aviation Administration since 1971 and a resident of the Washington area for most of his working life, died of cancer Friday at the Washington Hospital Center.

Mr. Lee, who was born in Fort Worth, Tex., graduated from the University of Nebraska. During World War II, he served in the old Army Air Forces. For most of the rest of his life, he was concerned with public relations aspects of aviation in government and private industry.

About 1948, he moved to Washington and became the military editor of Aviation Week magazine. He later was director of publications for the Hill & Knowlton Inc. public relations firm.

From the mid-1950s until 1963, he was assistant director of public relations for the Aerospace Industries Association. He was the assistant to the president of the General Dynamics Corp. in Washington for a brief period and then joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In 1968, he resigned from that post and moved to St. Louis, where he was director of public affairs for the Emerson Electric Co.

In 1971, Mr. Lee, who lived in Bowie, returned here and joined the FAA. He remained there until his death.

Mr. Lee's survivors include his wife, Florian (Cissie) of Bowie; a son, Barry of Bethesda; a daughter, Michelle Asher of Bakerton, W. Va.; two stepchildren, Carolyn Wilson of Bowie and Fred L. Walker of Grand Junction, Colo., and 12 grandchildren.