Leonard Spriegl, the 24-year-old who convinced Anne Arundel police he was a retarded man abandoned by his parents, has been committed to a mental institution outside Baltimore.

Spriegl posed for months as a retarded man named Jimmy Conners, sparking a fruitless search by authorities for his parents. Last week, after a battery of psychiatric tests had shown him to be of normal intelligence, Spriegl admitted that he had deluded police about his identity and his past.

Detective Gordon Deans, who led the search for Spriegl's parents, took out a warrant for his arrest, charging him with giving false information to the police. According to Deans, Spriegl's foster parents, who live in Minneapolis, said he had similarly deceived authorities in several states.

Deans said yesterday he will drop the charge once Spreigl has been fingerprinted and his records sent to the FBI. "We want to make sure we can get care for his problem," Deans said. "We're not after blood."

Spriegl was missing for several days last week after walking out of a Baltimore mission home in which authorities had placed him. He was committed to Spring Grove State Hospital in Catonsville, Md., on Saturday, hospital officials said.