The Metrorail issue roared through the College Park City Council chambers again last week, when the mayor scuttled an effort to place the previously approved subway route on the November ballot.

The council voted 4-4 on a motion to give the residents a choice, but Mayor St. Clair Reeves cast the decisive vote against the proposed referendum.

The ballot question would have allowed voters to choose between two Metro stations: the council-approved Calvert Road site and a proposed alternative near Erco Field in Riverdale.

The proponents of the referendum, who already had collected some 40 signatures from persons in favor of it, said they would try again after the municipal elections in November. Reeves, who has opposed such a referendum for some time, is not seeking reelection.

Under the present subway plan, Calvert Road would be closed or an underpass or overpass would redirect the flow of traffic. Residents of the Calvert Road area have fought this proposal for more than a year.

In other business, the council rejected a proposed charter amendment that would have allowed voters to use county registration in municipal elections.

The council also increased from $10 to $50 fines for illegal parking in spaces reserved for the handicapped. It also granted the University of Maryland's Delta Sigma Phi fraternity a one-day liquor license for tomorrow.