Old-style politicians refer to it as the watermelon proposal -- everyone gets a slice. Insiders at the Fairfax County administrative offices label it a political circus. And the county Board of Supervisors calls it a "compromise" -- at least one road project for every magisterial district in the county.

The issue is a $30-million bond proposal for secondary road improvements in the county, which voters will be asked to consider in the Nov. 3 general election.

Two weeks ago, the supervisors threw the proposal on the table and attacked it with eight political knives. And after all the cutting, carving and slicing, the plan had been shredded in eight political pieces.

Now, instead of completely financing road projects in four magisterial districts, which had been the original plan, the bond issue, if approved, would fund portions of projects in all eight districts.

The proposed bond sale would finance about two-thirds of most of the 32 projects now included in the issue, and the supervisors plan to seek another $30 million in 1984 to finish the job.

The road projects would include secondary highways that aren't fully covered under state highway maintenance programs. County officials also said that none of the money from the proposed bond sales would be used for the Springfield Bypass.

Proceeds from the bond sale would be used over a three-year period. Although supervisors agreed on 32 projects that would be funded by the issue, they are not legally bound to that list.

The following lists the projects, as currently approved by the supervisors, that would be funded by the bond issue.

In the first year, the bonds would supplement state funding for three projects already under way:

Widen Gallows Road to four lanes between Idylwood Road and Leesburg Pike (Rte. 7) and relocate intersection at Rte. 7.

* Widen Chain Bridge Road to four lanes between Westmoreland Street and Dolley Madison Boulevard (Rte. 123).

* Improve circulation in the Springfield central business district by extending Amherst Avenue over Old Keene Mill Road and building connecting ramps.

The following projects are planned to begin in 1984 and 1985:

* Widen Braddock Road to four lanes from Guinea Road to Burke Station Road or provide intersection improvements at Port Royal Road.

* Widen Franconia Road to four lanes from S. Van Dorn Street to Craft Road.

* Improve traffic circulation at Seven Corners.

* Improve two-lane segment of Quander Road between Beacon Hill Road and Rte. 1.

* Provide an additional lane on Sunrise Valley Drive at Hunter Mill Road. (One existing lane will become a left turn lane.)

* Widen Prosperity Avenue to four lanes beginning at Arlington Boulevard (Rte. 50) and extend it to Dunn Loring subway station.

* Improve two-lane segment of Chain Bridge Road from Westmoreland Street to Great Falls Street.

* Improve and realign two-lane segment of Burke Lake Road at the Southern Railroad crossing and provide an overpass.

* Widen Braddock Road to four lanes between Burke Station Road and Sideburn Road or provide intersection improvements at Port Royal Road.

* Improve Telegraph Road at Franconia Road or improve South Kings Highway between Telegraph Road and the Parkway.

* Realign Vale Road at Difficult Run and widen the bridge to two lanes.

Finally, $3.2 million would be set aside to improve intersections and traffic signals in 1984 and 1985:

* Turn lanes at Alban and Rolling roads.

* Turn lanes on Annandale Road at Arlington Boulevard.

* Turn lanes at Beulah Road and Telegraph Road.

* Turn lanes at Prosperity Avenue and Arlington Boulevard.

* Signal systems on Reston Avenue.

* Signal systems on Old Keene Mill Road.

* Widen Lewinsville Road as it approaches Leesburg Pike (Rte. 7).

* Construct a right turn lane on Braddock Road at Wakefield Chapel Road.

* Improvements at Westpark Drive and Dolley Madison Boulevard (Rte. 123 and the Beltway).

* Improve or install new signals at Fort Hunt and Collinwood roads.