Uncle Sam's 22,283 carpenters, mechanics, janitors and other blue collar workers here got a 4.8 percent raise Sunday that ranges from 41 to 60 cents an hour. That is the same percentage granted this month to the area's 300,000 white collar civil servants but it is only about half the amount of catch-up-with-industry increases the government has given blue collar workers in other parts of the country this year.

Many blue collar (wage grade) workers here were due higher raises to bring them up to local private industry pay rates. But Congress imposed a 4.8-percent cap on federal pay effective with the Oct. 1 start of the new fiscal year. Blue collar pay is adjusted on a geographic basis, and increases for those workers here usually go into effect in mid-October, two weeks into the new fiscal year.

The increases will show up in paychecks received later this month or in early November.

Meritorious Executives: More than 90 top career federal officials have been given special presidential awards -- and a $10,000 before-taxes check -- for meritorious service. Last week President Reagan personally handed out $20,000 awards to 25 senior executives who had earned the "distinguished" rank. All of the winners were nominated by their agencies and selected by a blue ribbon panel from industry, academia and government. Winners of the $10,000 awards are:

William S. Aiken and Robert F. Allnut both of NASA (Space Agency); Donald C. Bailey, Navy; Robert H. Baraz, State; Robert N. Battard, Customs; Burdeen F. Brown, Veterans Administration; Stephen V. Carberry, Navy; Norman A. Carlson, Justice; Guy W. Chamberlain Jr., Bureau of Standards; Deborah P. Christie, Defense; Frank P. Cipolla, Army; Barbara A. Clark, Civil Aeronautics; Timothy P. Coffey, Navy; Aaron Cohen, NASA; Gary J. Coker, VA; James Costantino, Transportation; William Dingeldein, Education; Stephen F. Eilperin, Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Marie D. Eldridge, Education; Betty E. Farwell, Army; Geza Feketekuty, U.S. Trade Representative Office, and Roger Feldman, State.

Also, Robert E. Frese, Army; Eric J. Fygi, Energy; Thomas P. Gallagher, Enviromental Protection Agency; Robert R. Garvey Jr., Council on Historic Preservation; Robert L. Gilliat, Defense; Darold L. Griffin, Army; Donald L. Haas, Air Force; Milton H. Hamilton, Army; Don A. Hart Jr., Air Force; Robert J. Hart, and Gordon W. Harvey, Energy; Paul F. Holloway, NASA; Donald R. Johnson, and Robert A. Kamper, NBS; D.K. Jones, and Everett G. Hopson, Air Force; Thomas J. Keenan, Army; Gerald E. Keightley, Navy; Jin H. Kinoshita, HHS; Michael K. Kirk, Commerce; Harold P. Klein, NASA, and Thomas J. Laycock, IRS.

Also, Michael Leonard, Defense; Melvin Lerner, Customs; Anthony L. Liccardi, Energy; Robert E. Lindstrom and Glynn S. Lunney, NASA; Jerome A. Mark, Labor; John B. Martin, NRC; Leslie H. Meredith, NASA; Sheldon Meyers, Energy; Caryle Michelson, NRC; Brian B. Mitchell, HHS; Jesse F. Moore, Agriculture; Alvin R. Morris, EPA; Benham E. Morriss, Defense; Charles P. Nemfakos, Navy, and NASA's Norman F. Ness and Charles Thomas Newman.

Also, Army personnel chief Fredric Newman; Walter B. Olstad of NASA; James I. Owens, IRS; George F. Page, NASA; James A. Palmer, Energy; Robert L. Plate, IRS; Sy Pranger, Office of Personnel Management; Janusz S. Premieniecki, Air Force; Richard D. Redenius, Merit Systems Protection Board; Raymond Romatowski, Energy; Lawrence J. Ross, NASA; Michael Rudd of VA personnel; Dana L. Scott, DOT; Louis R. Shaffer, Corps of Engineers; Michael E. Shaheen, Justice; Howard K. Shapar, NRC and Walter Singlevich, Air Force.

Also, Stanley Sporkin, SEC; Irving C. Statler, Army; Diane Steed, DOT; Robert H. Steele, Navy; William H. Stevenson, Commerce; Harold L. Stugart, Army; Richard T. Tedrow, DOE; Carl M. Thomas, Defense; Robert E. Tiller, Energy; Thomas Utsman, NASA; Raymond J. Van Vuren, FAA; Franklin J. Vargo, Commerce; Wade E. Troy II, DOE; Derek Walters, Navy; Wayne D. White, Air Force; William E. James Jr., Air Force; Owen W. Williams, Defense and John C. Yazurio, Education