To combat drunkenness and rowdiness in downtown Fairfax City, the City Council is eyeing an ordinance that would prevent taverns from clustering in one area of the city.

The council last week asked its attorney to draw up an ordinance similar to one used in Norfolk, which requires a distance of at least 1,000 feet between businesses that have "adult uses," such as bars or adult bookstores.

City spokesman Tom Welle said the ordinance, if passed by the council, would affect new businesses or existing businesses that change ownership. Fairfax City has no adult bookstores, but it does have six taverns in the Main Street-Rte. 123 area that could be affected by a Norfolk-type ordinance, Welle said.

The council also decided to have police continue walking beats on weekends in the downtown area. Since the walking beats began six months ago, police have made more than 200 arrests for rowdiness and public drunkenness, Welle said.

In other business, the council decided all applications for city manager must be received by the end of October, so a new manager can be selected by January.

Meanwhile, former manager George E. Hubler Jr., who resigned under pressure after council members discovered he had bought a private health club membership with city funds, has withdrawn his application for the job of administrator of Roanoke County, Va.

Hubler, who was a finalist for the job, said he withdrew his name because he didn't want to embarrass Roanoke County officials. "They need to get an administrator on board that doesn't have a cloud," he said.