Mayor Marion Barry has upheld a police trial board decision to fire a Washington police officer who refused to move within 25 miles of the U.S. Capitol as required by law.

Joseph Bucior Jr., a 12-year police veteran, had continued to live in Mechanicsville, Md., despite being twice warned by the police trial board and police officials that his home was outside the radius within which D.C. police officers must live, according to trial board documents. Mechanicsville is within about 35 miles of the Capitol.

Bucior's case was first brought before the trial board in 1979. At that time, the board fined him $800 for failing to comply with directives from two former police chiefs -- Maurice Cullinane and Burtell M. Jefferson -- that he move within the 25-mile radius, the documents show. He was also told that he must move within the 25-mile radius in order to remain on the force.

According to Assistant Police Chief Theodore Carr, head of administrative services, Bucior told police he could not find a buyer for his home. He also parked a van on the parking lot of Eastover shopping center and used that as his address at one point, he said.

On Sept. 9, a second trial board ruled that Bucior should be dismissed since he continued to live outside the 25-mile radius despite numerous warnings.

That decision was appealed by Bucior to the mayor. Dwight S. Cropp, executive secretary for the D.C. government, informed police this week that Bucior's appeal was denied.