Foggy Bottom-West End

A zoning variance needed to convert Nichols Food Superette at 912 New Hampshire Ave. NW to a 7-Eleven store is being opposed by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A following a meeting at which owners of condominiums adjacent to the property expressed strong objections. Representatives of the Jefferson House and Foggy Bottom Mews condominium associations said the 7-Eleven store might bring litter, traffic problems, noise and crime.

The ANC has worked out an agreement with the developer of a proposed condominium building at 2106 F Street NW whereby the ANC will not oppose a variance for the building if the developer formally agrees that the medical clinic be limited to the basement and that the rest of the building be used for long-term residential condominiums that will not be sold on a time-sharing basis. The ANC currently is fighting a time-sharing marketing plan for the Barclay, a new condominium building on K Street NW.

Near Southwest-Near Southeast

A candidates night for candidates for the Board of Education and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission will be sponsored by ANC 2D tonight at 8 at St. Matthew's Church, Third and M streets SW.

Cleveland Park-Woodley Park

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C, serving as the secretariat for the Ward Three Inter-ANC Committee/Mini-Commission on Aging, has helped run three orientation sessions on the use of Metrorail for elderly and handicapped persons. Additional sessions are planned prior to the Dec. 5 opening of the Woodley Park-Zoo, Cleveland Park and Van Ness metro stations. Interested handicapped or elderly persons should called Ruth Haugen at 232-1468.

Petworth-Northwest Boundary

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D will hold its regular monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the ANC office, 847 Upshur St. NW.

Ivy City-Trinidad.

In a pre-election newsletter, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B has published the attendance records of its members at its monthly executive and public meetings during the first half of l981. Commissioners Roberts, Boyd, Minor and Lindsey had perfect attendance. Commissioner Hudson missed one meeting and commissioners Bing, Peacock and Harrison missed two. Reported attending meetings for only one month of the period were commissioners Bennekin, Lynch, Chappelle, Stokes and Stanford.


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C told the city's Gas Station Advisory Board at a recent hearing that the community does not oppose the conversion of a full-service Exxon station at 415 Rhode Island Ave. NE to a "gas and go" station as long as restrooms and air and water service are maintained. The ANC also has asked city officials for information on demolition activity at North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue NE. An old post office building and three houses have been torn down, apparently in connection with the modernization of a gas station.

Several ANC commissioners testified at a recent hearing held by the Department of Housing and Community Development on a proposed Urban Development Action Grant for an office building and shopping center at 4th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE. The commissioners testified that the community needs a shopping center on the site. A previous plan to build a factory on the land has been dropped.

Capitol Hill-Near Southeast

Supporters and opponents of the tuition tax credit will speak at a forum sponsored by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B at 7:30 tonight at the Church of the Brethren, 337 North Carolina Ave. SE.

ANC Chairman Robert Donaldson reports that the task force on the First District Police Substation on Capitol Hill has won agreement from Mayor Barry on two points: that the station will remain open as a permanent police facility and that the building will be renovated when money becomes available.


For the second time in two years, District zoning authorities have turned down plans to develop the Ruppert Home for the Aged site at 22nd Street and T Place SE. The latest plan by the D.C. Concerned Citizens Caucus called for a 150-unit housing project for the elderly. Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C and the Fairlawn Citizens Association attended a hearing Oct. l4 prepared to testify against the proposal, but the Board of Zoning Adjustment turned down the plan after hearing the proponents, declaring that they had not made their case. The ANC wants the land developed with single-family homes compatible with the surrounding area.

Far Southeast-Far Southwest.

Community opinion varied during discussion of a beer and wine license for the Southern Avenue AM/PM Mini Mart at a recent meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8D. Some residents said business is needed in the area, while others said they feared loitering and other problems. The store manager said security guards would prevent loitering. The ANC took no position on the application but will convey the views of neighborhood residents to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The ANC will sponsor its second annual Black Heritage Essay Contest for Ward 8 school children and will award prizes during February, which is Black History month. The contest is being announced early this year because of disappointment in the poor participation in last year's contest. Interested teachers and students should call the ANC at 562-0191.