Police yesterday identified the suspect who allegedly shot and critically wounded a U.S. Park Police officer in Prince George's County on Sunday as David Fountain Kimberly Jr., 35, of Tennessee.

In addition, police revealed that when the shooting occurred Kimberly allegedly had a passenger in his car: Sandra Lynn Whatley, 21, of Tennessee. Police said they did not know there was a passenger in the car until Tuesday, when they interviewed the wounded officer, Kelso David Wallace, who is in critical condition at Prince George's Hospital.

Kimberly allegedly helped Whatley escape from a prison in Tennessee last week, said Park Police spokesman Maj. Larry Finks. The two then allegedly stole a car from Decatur, Ala., and drove through Washington before they were stopped by Wallace for a routine traffic violation on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Finks said.

Finks said he did not know from which prison Whatley escaped or the charge on which she had been held.

Officers determined the suspect's identity yesterday when police in Tennessee sent to Washington mug shots of men filling the description of Wallace's assailant. On Kimberly's mug shot, there was a listing of the aliases he had used. One of the aliases -- Billy Hindman -- was the name on the driver's license that Wallace had taken from the driver of the stopped car just before he was shot, Finks said.

A "wanted" flyer distributed by the Park Police yesterday describes Whatley and Kimberly as armed and extremely dangerous. The flyer says that the two may be traveling in a 1980 dark brown van with orange stripes and the words "Day Cruiser" on the side of the van. The van has Tennessee plates.