The Fairfax City Council has adopted special snow emergency procedures that give the city manager authority to prohibit parking and to require that vehicles have snow tires when using six snow emergency routes in the city.

Under an ordinance approved by the council last week, no parking will be allowed during snow emergencies on Lee Highway, Chain Bridge Road, Main Street, Old Lee Highway, Pickett Road, Jermantown Road and other streets designated by the manager, said city spokesman Tom Welle. The ordinance also requires that vehicles on these streets use snow tires, chains or radial tires, he said.

The decision on when to declare a snow emergency will be left to the city manager, and emergencies will be announced on local radio stations, Welle said.

The ordinance sets a maximum fine of $25 for driving without snow tires or parking on an emergency route. Police also will have the power to tow cars parked illegally on those routes, Welle said.

The council rejected part of the ordinance that would have required homeowners to remove snow or ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall. Welle said several council members objected to the proposal because they thought elderly and handicapped residents would have trouble removing snow within that time limit.

In other business, the council modified its ban on hitchhiking to allow hitchhiking in emergencies. Welle said emergencies will be defined by police on a case-by-case basis.

The council also voted to change the name of Jones Street, near the new county courthouse, to Judicial Drive as of Jan. 1.