The Vienna Town Council has delayed a decision on a request to rezone a strip of land behind the Jades Shopping Center and Vienna Plaza Shopping Center on Maple Avenue from residential to transitional use.

At its meeting Monday, the council said it would decide Nov. 16 whether to grant the zoning change, which would make way for the construction of three two-story professional office buildings on a 40-foot right of way behind the shopping center.

In June, the council rejected a request from Jades Enterprises to change the vacant lot to commercial zoning. Jades Enterprises then sued the council, although the developers later said they would settle for transitional zoning, which provides a buffer between residential and commercial property, according to John Gionfriddo, town attorney.

Gionfriddo recommended Monday that the council grant the transitional zoning because "if we lost the lawsuit we would wind up with the higher density commercial zoning."

The only opposition to the zoning change was voiced by James Tate, president of the Malcolm-Windover Heights Civic Association.

Tate said the association objects to the change because residents fear the office buildings would generate heavy traffic on Pleasant Street, which would be used for access to the office buildings.