Hats off this morning to two D.C. policemen, one with a sense of humor to go with his sense of duty, the other with an almost incredible sense of honesty.

Case one: Linda Wheeler of The Post's staff was doing a little celebrating in Georgetown on he night of Halloween when a car decided to run over her foot. And stay there.

As Linda and the car sat entwined in the middle of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street -- she yelping, the driver momentarily frozen by shock and fear -- a man dressed in a gorilla suit lumbered up and lifted the car's wheel off Linda's foot. His quick work helped limit her injuries to a couple of bruises.

Even on a normal night, Linda wouldn't have been too shocked to see a gorilla at Wisconsin and M. Doing your own thing, fashionwise, is Georgetown's favorite sidewalk sport.

But this gorilla turned out to be Sgt. Larry Hackett of the 2nd District, who had been celebrating his day off in the spirit of the holiday, but who knew what to do when he saw an emergency. Give that man a banana!

Case two: It looked like just another abandoned car to Nicholas A. Maiorca. But as soon as the veteran 2nd District officer looked in the eyeglass case he found on the floor, his interest, and the size of his eyeballs, grew considerably.

Stuffed into the case was $10,000 in cash, all of it 100s and 50s.

Maiorca investigated, and discovered that the car belonged to a very old, somewhat forgetful woman who lives in Pennsylvania. She told Maiorca she had picked up a couple of hitchhikers while on a trip here last spring. When she stopped the car in Rock Creek Park to take a short walk, the hitchhikers had stolen it, she said.

Not wanting to make a fuss, the woman had taken a bus back to Pennsylvania and forgotten both car and cash. Meanwhile, the hitchhikers had apparently abandoned the car without discovering that not every eyeglass case is worthless.

With the help of the Pennsylvania State Police, Maiorca arranged for the woman to return to Washington by train. He met her, and returned the $10,000. She thanked Maiorca profusely. Those of us who benefit every day from such terrific police service should, too.