Riverdale last week became the third Prince George's County municipality to cable-cast its council meetings.

Storer Cable Communications connected Riverdale to its system in early spring. The cable company now has 15 franchises in Prince George's.

Mayor Guy Tiberio said he hopes the cable-casts will kindle community interest in town government.

In the first order of broadcasted business, the council approved a newspaper recycling program. Newspapers will be separated from regular trash and picked up at curbside on days designated by the town.

The town will receive $9 a ton for the newspapers, and will save money in trash hauling costs, according to Town Council Member Maurice E. May. May said it now costs $15 a ton to have trash hauled away.

"We are talking about a swing factor of $24," May said. "Newspapers are so heavy that they comprise a large amount of trash hauled."

The program will go into effect in the near future.

In other town news, Mayor Tiberio recently announced his candidacy for the 1982 County Council elections. Tiberio, a resident of Riverdale since the late 1950s, first served the town as councilman from 1966 until 1969.

He was elected mayor in 1973 and has served as mayor since then, except for 1977 and 1978. Tiberio did not run in 1977 because the Riverdale charter does not allow a mayor to serve more than two consecutive terms.