An Exxon official and the owner of a gas station undergoing extensive renovation at First Street and Florida Avenue NE assured neighborhood residents at a recent meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C that the new station would retain the same level of service and the same number of employes (20) as the old station. Community residents had expressed fears that the new facility would be a "gas and go" station. Plans for the new station and its landscaping scheme generally met with community approval, according to the ANC.

The ANC recently testified against a zoning variance that would allow the owner of a town house at 17 N St. NW to create three apartments in the building. The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment turned down the application, but the owner is applying again and asked the ANC to reconsider. The ANC found no grounds for changing its original position.

Florence Pendleton was seated as a commissioner at the ANC's last meeting, replacing DeLong Harris. Two years ago, Harris was declared the winner in a close election, which Pendleton contested. After lengthy litigation, the D.C. Court of Appeals decided that the election had resulted in a tie and ordered the Board of Elections and Ethics to conduct a lottery, which Pendleton won. She finally took her seat two years after the contested election and one week after the most recent ANC election, in which she beat Harris by four votes.