Prince George's County Executive Lawrence Hogan has not yet decided whether he will accept the County Council's choice of companies for two lucrative county cable television franchises, his spokeman said yesterday.

"He wants to take a long, hard look at what happened," said spokesman Robert Hunter, adding, "He was not surprised by what happened."

On Tuesday, the council bypassed the recommendations of an independent advisory commission and awarded the lucrative franchises to one firm headed locally by former county executive Winfield Kelly and another represented by influential county zoning attorney Russell Shipley.

The advisory commission has scheduled a press conference for today to publicly defend its choices for the cable franchises. "We're mad, we're just mad," said chairman Ronald Russo. "We"ve just been thinking all day about that charade we saw yesterday."

The commission reported receiving a flood of calls yesterday from citizens who complained that the awards appeared politically motivated.

"The phones were ringing off the hook this morning with all these calls from outraged citizens," said Dolores Early, executive director of the group, who said she did not record the names of the callers.

An aide to Council Chairman Parris Glendening said his office received four calls yesterday from disgruntled citizens, all of whom opposed the award to Storer, "but one of the men calls here all the time," said the aide, "He just hates Winnie Kelly."

Council members reacted angrily yesterday to charges by some losing companies and council member Sue Mills that votes were prearranged to favor Kelly, a longtime political friend and mentor to a majority of the present council.

"There was no prearranged deal," said Frank Casula.

Council member Ann Lombardi said consideration of the cable awards was chaotic in the days leading up to the vote and that there was so little communication among council members that it would have been extremely difficult to put together any sort of deal. "If someone had arranged it, it would have been marvelous," she said sarcastically.