George Koch won a temporary victory yesterday in his effort to remain a member of the Congressional Country Club, when a Maryland appeals court judge blocked the club from holding an expulsion hearing originally set for Wednesday night.

The club's board wants to expel Koch who, since 1978, has waged a legal battle accusing the club of skimming funds from the wages of its lowest-paid service workers. Koch's suit to open all the club's books and records was recently thrown out of court by a Montgomery County judge, and Koch has appealed.

Koch's suit claims that he has a right to see the club's books because he is a member and stockholder in Congressional. He said his suit will become moot if he is ousted.

Officials of the club have taken the position that the dispute is a private matter and have declined to comment publicly on the case.

Wednesday night, just hours before the board of directors was scheduled to meet to discuss Koch's ouster, Koch won an order from the Court of Special Apppeals in Annapolis temporarily blocking the meeting. Yesterday, the same court extended that stay until Monday, when it will hear arguments on the matter from both sides.