Cookies, cookies, cookies: a thousand tiny tokens of gratitude for Prince George's school teachers who gave to United Way this fall.

Junior and senior high school students at H. Winship Wheatley Special Education Center in Capitol Heights, all of whom are handicapped and have benefited, at least indirectly, from United Way, baked the gingerbread cookies in the shape of this year's United Way logo. They are distributing them to all schools in their area with 100 percent participation in the United Way campaign.

"It made them feel good, because people really do need them to help," said Winship Wheatley Principal Charlotte H. Kraus. "Each one had a job to do, working together as a team, and they are really proud of themselves."

The children made the cookies in the school's kitchen, bagged them and are now distributing them to the teachers.

But the project doesn't end there.

"They made a nice cookbook with the recipe and a story about how they went about it," Kraus said. "They made up some math problems: They had to bag a hundred cookies. How many stacks of five would it take?"

The book also contains a puzzle on designing gingerbread men, on making words from the letters in "gingerbread" and other word problems. Copies of the book will be distributed to county schools.