Votes of area members of Congress on key issues taken the week of Nov. 23:


Motion to Recommit Continuing Resolution. House Republicans and the Reagan administration won another major economic victory when the House agreed to recommit a continuing (temporary funding) resolution with an expiration date of Feb. 3, 1982.

The 221-176 vote instructed the Appropriations Committee to change the expiration date of the resolution to Dec. 15, 1981, from Feb. 3, 1982. The earlier date was favored by President Reagan as a compromise date after he vetoed an earlier "budget-busting" resolution.

Forty-three Democrats joined 178 Republicans in passing the continuing resolution.

All but "essential" federal government activities were curtailed as of midnight Nov. 20, when a previous stop-gap funding measure expired. Congress has passed only one of 13 general appropriations bills that fund federal agencies and programs.

The Senate subsequently passed the same resolution by an 88-1 vote, and President Reagan signed it one hour later.

Voting for the motion to recommit: Bliley (R), Butler (R), Daniel (R), Daniel (D), Parris (R), Robinson (R), Trible (R), Whitehurst (R), Wolf (R).

Not voting: Wampler (R).


Conference Report on Continuing Resolution. Despite the threat of a presidential veto, which President Reagan subsequently made good, the Senate passed the conference report on a continuing resolution for fiscal 1982 by a vote of 46-39.

The resolution provided funds for government agencies at fiscal 1981 levels until July 15, 1982.

Proponents of the conference report noted the threatened presidential veto, but argued that it was necessary to take final action on the continuing resolution since an earlier stop-gap funding measure had run out. Some opponents complained that the conference report made cuts in such programs as black lung benefits, veterans assistance and food stamps that would have to be made up anyway in supplemental appropriations.

Voting for the conference report: Warner (R).

Voting against the conference report: Byrd, H. (I).