D.C. police arrested Roger W. Simkins Jr. of Northwest Washington at his home Sunday on gambling and weapons-related charges after a search allegedly turned up evidence that the home was the site of a major gambling operation.

The arrest of Simkins, 35, who was acquitted last year on federal charges that he ran a multimillion-dollar gambling ring, culminated a three-month investigation by D.C. police. Simkins is the son of the late Roger (Whitetop) Simkins, who was one of the city's most prominent gambling figures for nearly two decades.

At the same time police searched Simkins' home at 1702 Shepherd St., other members of the police gambling squad were raiding a downtown office at 1324 22nd St. NW. A second man was arrested at that site, where police alleged they found large quantities of sports-betting paraphernalia.

The raids took place at 12:20 p.m. Sunday, just prior to kickoff of National Football League games on which police alleged Simkins and the other man were taking large numbers of bets.

Simkins was released on $4,000 bond pending arraignment in Superior Court on the charges. The second man, Nicholas Katsouros, 49, of 1723 Tamarac St. NW, was charged with bookmaking and setting up a gaming table.

Simkins had been arrested in a police raid just prior to the 1978 Super Bowl, but was ultimately acquitted after a trial in which his defense lawyer said the government was pursuing Simkins as part of a long-standing effort to locate and tax large sums of illegal gambling profits made by his father, who died in 1973.