The recent fatal stabbing of a counselor for a group home for young offenders at 1459 Girard St. NW and the arrest of a 17-year-old resident of the home in connection with the murder prompted Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B to circulate petitions asking that this home and two similar facilities within a three-block area be closed. The petitions, to be delivered to the mayor, will also ask that the many city-owned vacant homes in the area between 14th and 15th streets and Harvard and Euclid streets NW either be securely closed using cinder blocks or else be demolished to prevent fugitives and drug addicts from using them.

The ANC is working to obtain landmark status for the Tivoli Theatre at 14th Street and Park Road NW. The ANC would like the '30s-style theater and shops turned into a cultural center.

The ANC granted $500 to the Neighborhood Crime Commission. The ANC is also planning a Christmas dinner for area senior citizens.

The ANC is working with Howard University's community relations committee on a plan whereby Howard would provide expertise to the community on such matters as zoning, business development and tutoring.

The ANC is also working with the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development, the 14th and U Streets Coalition and the Shaw Project Area Committee on a study to identify sites that should be developed with housing or commercial enterprises. Much of the area is now zoned for commercial and manufacturing uses, but the ANC would like several sites, including urban renewal parcel 13 at 14th and U streets NW, reserved for mixed-use residential and commercial development;