None of the 180,000 retired federal or postal workers who now draw the minimum $122 monthly Social Security benefit will have their Social Security payments cut back next year. More than 3 million Americans now get the minimum benefit even though their earnings under Social Security do not entitle them to that much.

The Reagan administration tried to have everybody cut back to the actual amount earned under the Social Security system but Congress balked at the take-away. Under a new law, however, persons retiring after January 1982 will get only what they earned under Social Security.

Pay Parking: President Reagan's decision not to reimpose pay parking -- and not to collect from people who have parked free since March of this year -- has delighted drivers and car pool members. The action is less popular with people who take Metro to work. Many of them have suggested that if the government is going back into the business of subsidizing people who drive to work, it ought to pay bus and subway fares for people who do not. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

A number of workers who are facing layoffs -- because Congress has cut their agency budgets -- have called to suggest that the government charge people for parking and use the estimated $40 million per year in revenue to save jobs of those on RIF lists. That won't happen either, although it is an interesting viewpoint whether you are on the RIF list or in a free parking space.