On Dec. 9, I recounted a dialogue between myself and a telephone caller who identified himself only as "Anonymous From Alexandria."

I think the reason A.F.A. went the incognito route is that he's actually Scrooge. In any case, he's badly misguided. What he said on the 9th was that he wasn't giving money to our fund-raising drive because he wasn't convinced that the Children's medical staff walked the extra mile on their own time to take care of the kids.

The other day, I received a letter signed "Anonymous From Columbia." It stands in eloquent reply to A.F.A.

"I am enclosing my check for $20," A.F.C. writes. "While getting my stationery I passed my beautiful, healthy, seven-year-old son.

"My son received a transfusion at the age of three days from a 'cynical' Children's Hospital nurse who had become involved. She happened to have the right blood type and wanted to do her part.

"I wish I could remember her name and the names of all those kind voices at the end of the telephone. Those voices gave me encouragement at 3 in the morning when I called to check on my son. They gently gave me facts when things looked glum.

"One doctor came in on a bike when it wasn't his shift. He believed that those struggling infants could use all the encouragement and cuddling they could get.

"My son has been a joy to us. People constantly remark about his cheerfulness, sense of humor and zest for life. I dare Mr. A.F.A. to tell me that is not due, in part, to a young doctor on a bicycle and a cute nurse with A+ blood . . . .