An aide to an Ohio congressman was shot by two assailants Saturday night after being abducted from in front of his Capitol Hill home, police said.

Paul James Komlosi, 25, was discovered by a passer-by after apparently being left alone by his abductors in a car in Hillcrest Heights in Prince George's County. The passer-by alerted police after hearing Komlosi honk the car horn and yell for help. Komlosi is listed in serious condition at Greater Southeast Community Hospital with a gunshot wound in his back.

Komlosi, a legislative assistant to Rep. Dennis Eckart (D-Ohio), was entering his car at about 5 p.m. Saturday, in front of his home at 1006 D St SE, when two men approached him, police said. One of them produced a gun and demanded money. Komlosi was not carrying any money, according to police, and the men then forced him into the car and drove him to the 3300 block of Curtis Drive in Hillcrest Heights, located off Branch Avenue.

It is unclear when Komlosi was shot. He reportedly told police that the men had difficulty driving his standard shift Honda and apparently stopped the car for that reason.

Komlosi, a 1979 graduate of Notre Dame and a native of Sheffield, Ohio, has worked in Eckart's office since January of this year, when the freshman congressman took office. A spokesman for Eckart said Komlosi previously worked for the House Administration Committee, and for former Rep. John Brademas of Indiana, and interned for Ohio Rep. Donald Peace.

Sellers said Komlosi works on small business and committee affairs and labor and taxation issues. Sellers said that Komlosi's mother and two brothers have come from Ohio to be with him.