Northern Virginia law enforcement authorities have arrested a reputed leader of the Pagans motorcycle gang and seized a cache of military munitions at his home near Middleburg.

Authorities searching the home of Lee (Pack Rat) Barnes, 30, also reported seizing military identification cards, a quantity of the illicit drug PCP, ledgers, account books and portions of what is believed to be a human skeleton.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Department spokesman Leonard McDonald said Barnes, reputed president of the Pagans' Northern Virginia chapter, was arrested this week in Culpeper after he and two companions were apprehended by a gun-toting farmer during an alleged burglary attempt. Barnes later gave investigators permission to search his Loudoun home in Aldie, McDonald said.

In two searches, investigators seized what they described as three pounds of PCP and evidence of a rudimentary PCP laboratory, as well as quantities of hashish and six gallons of moonshine.

Barnes, who is being held in Culpeper on burglary charges, is scheduled to be arraigned in Loudoun on charges of possessing PCP and hashish.

Among the military items seized were M-79 fragmentation grenades, tracer bullets, flak jackets, nightsticks and handcuffs, according to Loudoun vice investigator Mark Oden. The materials were turned over to ordnance officials at Fort Belvoir, he said.