Community groups, including Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, are working to expand the Dupont Circle Historic District, which helps protect the old buildings within its boundaries. To complete the application, the groups need information about the following locations: 1623-31 R St. NW, the 1600 block of Q Street NW, 1822-24 New Hampshire Ave. NW, 1733-39 17th St. NW, the east side of 17th Street north of P Street NW, the 1500 block of R Street NW, the 1500 block of Corcoran Street NW, St. Luke's Episcopal Church and the 15th Street Presbyterian Church. Anyone with information on the construction date, architect or former residents of these buildings can call Alison Luchs at 337-5699.

Some community residents who responded to the ANC's questionnaire about whether service has improved, as promised, in the expanded Safeway store at 17th and Corcoran streets NW said that shelves were stocked with a greater selection of goods, but many others had negative responses. Their complaints included a poor selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, long lines and "not enough baggers, not enough checkers when needed." ANC commissioner Susan Meehan has asked Safeway to hire some local young people to bag groceries.

The ANC is complaining about a dangerous intersection at 18th and S streets NW, where limited visibility has contributed to collisions, according to ANC commissioner William G. Middleton. Past ANC complaints prompted the D.C. Department of Transportation to place a crosswalk and "Pedestrian Crossing" signs at the intersection. Now the ANC is requesting north/south stop signs to complement the existing east/west stop signs.