Gaithersburg is considering creation of a commercial zone that will allow storage of petroleum products in the city.

Heating oil and other flammable fuels may not be stored within city limits, a Gaithersburg spokesman said.

The proposal stems from a Montgomery County businessman's request to annex city property, where he would store petroleum products.

At a public hearing Monday, several Washington Grove residents objected to the proposal because the property is adjacent to the town's boundary.

"We are opposed to having our town separated from residential communities like Deer Park and Gaithersburg by an intrusion of an industrial corridor," Washington Grove Mayor Robert Evans said Tuesday. "We are concerned that we are going to become an island within a commercial district."

Residents may submit written comments for 30 days, according to the city spokesman.

In other business, the council adopted the county's planned property tax penalty structure.

If property taxes due July 1 are not paid before Dec. 30, a town resident will be charged 1 percent of the total for every delinquent month instead of two-thirds of 1 percent. Residents who are late on tax payments also are charged interest equal to two-thirds of 1 percent of the total bill.