The students at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville enjoyed a different sort of Christmas celebration last week: a Medieval Feast.

Held at the Old Mill in Adelphi, the event included singing, dancing, skits, games, prayers and, of course, the main attraction: food. Northwestern seniors, the honored guests at the feast, were required to dress as medieval ladies and lords and to bring medieval dishes. More than 250 seniors were served by the juniors, who acted as the serfs and also dressed in medieval costume.

The main course was a roast pig prepared in the medieval style with an apple in its mouth. The meal was served in courses, with singing, dancing and other entertainment taking place between courses. The group even managed to squeeze some learning into the celebration. A medieval geography lesson was presented in between the second course -- vegetables, fish and chicken -- and the third course -- breads and cakes. Entertainment was lavish: medieval dueling, above right; a game called It's Theological, pitting the seven virtues (one of them pictured above left) against the seven deadly sins; and a few more modern games such as "To Tell the Truth" and "The Dating Game."

Singing carols are, from left, Paul Rubenson dressed as Machiavelli, John Pallas dressed as Hagar the Terrible and Bob Leffel as The Poacher. At right cutting the pig is George DeLatosh, with Marianne Lucas watching. Both are English teachers at Northwestern.