As the new year begins, five psychics in the Washington area offer their own predictions as to what what might be in store for the District and the nation in 1982. The mystics include Jertha O. Love, an astrologer, and parapsychologists Freddie Jones, Hazel Cassell, Sallee Rigler and Bill O'Hara, who said they use their extrasensory perception to sense the future through premonition and visions.

For the coming year, these seers have little in the way of glad tidings. Predictions of heated international politics, financial woes and cloudy futures for Mayor Marion Barry and President Ronald Reagan abound. There are also contradictions in their predictions that range from the future of interest rates and Barry's reelection chances to whether Ling-Ling, the National Zoo's panda, will become pregnant.

Here are their predictions:

"Barry will run and win again. He's a Pisces," said Silver Spring astrologer Jertha O. Love, predicting the outcome of the 1982 mayoral race. "He'll just get by, though, in a close race with Gemini Sterling Tucker."

Of the Washington Redskins, Love said, "Next year is their year.... Joe Theisman, a Virgo, will have a great year.... They might make it to the Superbowl, but they'll [certainly] get to the playoffs." As for the Washington Bullets, they'll surprise basketball fans and lead the league by the end of the season, "barring injuries," Love says.

Love, a Capricorn who will turn 59 this month, is an astrologer, columnist, and teacher and says he is advisor to many including Dick Gregory, Lena Horne, Arrington Dixon, Congressman Ron Dellums and Earth, Wind and Fire musician Maurice White. Love is also the founder of the Ascending World Community Church, a nondenominational group that studies astrology and scripture.

With an astrological calendar as a reference, Love bases his predictions for the new year on where the stars, planets, sun and moon will be at certain times during the year. Three lunar eclipses and four solar eclipses during 1982 will have great significance because of their impact on masses of people and leaders, he said.

With that in mind, he said a solar eclipse on Jan. 25 will greatly affect the office of the president, but he declined to provide details. A solar eclipse on June 21, Love said, will have a great impact on the United States, a nation born under the sign of Cancer.

"This points to the beginning of unbelievable changes in U.S. domestic posture," Love said. He believes the nation will lean more towards solving domestic problems through social programs. Policies that led to many unpopular budget cuts and the loss of services and thousands of jobs for District residents will be rescinded, he believes.

Love also predicts the following: more opposition to the military draft; higher taxes for land speculators and insurance companies, lower taxes for homeowners; disruptive activity on the nation's waterways; trouble with Cuba; and war between Israel and Egypt.

Love prefaces all of his predictions by saying, "astrological forecasts are the potential that will be actualized in the future, if nothing is done to alter it."

Madam Freddie B. Jones, is a Northwest psychic who gives personal consultations and holds scripture readings in her home on Sundays. She says 1982 is going to be a rough year, especially in the area of unemployment, but she also predicts things will get better towards mid-year. She foresees that President Reagan will find his policies aren't working so he will "ease up" and quite a few people will go back to work.

As for District politics, Jones says this year's election will give the city a white mayor. It's no one who has yet "thrown their hat into the ring." Jones says her vision is not completely clear; "if he's not a white man, he's going to look like he's white." As for Barry, Madam Jones said, "It's going to be one big miracle if that man gets in the seat again."

Hazel Cassell also predicts a difficult year ahead, which she blames primarily on the Reagan administration. "The economy will get worse as long as he's there," Cassell said, but she also predicts that Reagan will not complete his term, and Vice President George Bush will run things better.

Cassell is a 40-year-old former schoolteacher who says she comes from a "spiritually gifted family." She lives in Annandale, Va., and has been a psychic and healer since 1970. She is well-known to many Washingtonians, particularly through her radio show on WPFW.

The stock market will decline in May and interest rates will remain inflated, the mystic suggests. She expects to see a number of houses up for sale because owners have defaulted on their loans.

Cassell also says that the nation's "communist-inspired" drug problem will get worse because it is such a lucrative business. She also foresees a major earthquake in California and she has a vivid and recurring vision of destruction caused by a bomb or missile in the New York City metropolitan area. "This will be by an enemy group.... Over 100,000 people will be killed."

Expect trouble in the area of foreign policy, Cassell said. By the middle of the year, she predicts the United States will be in conflict in two regions; skirmishes may break out on American soil; she sees submarines hovering off the coast of the U.S. mainland; and, she said, Libya's president Qaddafi should be taken very seriously.

There will be trouble locally as well, Cassell predicts. There will be more crime and destruction of property in the District because "blacks... feel they have been taken advantage of..." and priced out of the housing market. She also feels city residents are tired of Barry and she believes "the government in the Distict of Columbia is going to turn white."

Financial hardships are going to lead to "a tremendous surge of quiet anger;" the demands of the poor "will become more loud and critical;" the summer of '82 will be a "powderkeg" situation, predicts Sallee Rigler, a popular Baltimore-area psychic who is heard on WRC radio. Riots in the streets of Washington are possible, she said.

Rigler said she doesn't pay much attention to local politics, but she did say if it weren't for the trouble that will erupt this summer, a woman would have a good shot at being mayor of Washington. Her other local prediction is that the Redskins will not have a particularly noteworthy year.

"I think we're in for a strange year," Rigler said, referring to international occurrences. She predicts that two major world leaders, including Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev, will die and that will lead to volatile international politics that will upset the stock market and possibly triple the price of gold.

"Watch out for South America," she cautions, saying that brewing troubles in Venezuela and Bolivia may soon erupt. The United States will have to take an increasingly firm stand with Israel; there will trouble along the border of East and West Germany; bombings in London and Brussels; earthquakes in Japan and California; food and water shortages here at home. Of Poland, Rigler said, "you can forget Solidarity altogether;" the Russians will keep control of things there.

In the new year the United States will enter a state of "yellow alert," and there will be considerable "rattling of swords," said Bill O'Hara, an Atlanta-based parapsychologist who does a weekly radio show on WPGC. O'Hara predicts that although there will be no real danger to the United States, American nervousness about goings-on in Poland, Libya, and the Middle East will lead to the resumption of the military draft. This sort of military activity, however, will also create more government and factory jobs, O'Hara said.

O'Hara, who calls himself the "businessman's psychic," forecasts that the prime interest rate will drop to 13 percent in January. Real estate will have a booming year, he said, predicting that mortgage interest rates may drop as low as 9 percent. But many buyers will be acquiring homes on a floating-interest plan.

As for occurences of particular interest to Washingtonians, O'Hara says he feels that Barry will lose the upcoming mayoral election, because of "strong opposition in his own party." Also, because of job layoffs and federal cutbacks in law enforcement programs, O'Hara says, the drug addiction problem in the city will worsen. Since he such a sports fan, O'Hara thought it unfair to comment on the Redskins, but on a positive note, this seer does say that Washington Zoo's beloved panda, Ling-Ling, will become pregnant this year.