The Marriott Corporation this spring will begin operating cafeterias and vending machines in the Fairfax County courthouse, the Massey building and the new judicial center, having recently signed a three-year contract with the county.

Marriott was selected from a field of six bidders by a committee that included James E. Hoofnagle, clerk of the Circuit Court; Fred K. Kramer, county director of General Services; Dorothy C. VanEgmon-Pannell, director of the Fairfax County Public Schools Food Service Division; Samuel L. Shanks Jr., director of the Property Management Division, Office of General Services; Larry F. Spaine, director of the Facilities Management Division, Office of General Services; and Patricia Silvey, chairwoman of the Employees Advisory Council.

Marriott plans to prepare entrees in the new judicial center kitchen and to prepare grilled and delicatessen items at all three locations.

The company is to return to the county all profits in excess of 4 percent of gross sales, allowing itself another 5 percent for administrative overhead. Under that formula, the company expects to pay the county about $70,500 annually. The company also will pay the county a commission of 10 percent on vending machine sales. The commission is expected to be approximately $15,000 annually.