"Sex, drugs and rock and roll" are items too often associated with high school-age youth. But isn't it nice when a group shows the stuff that the "best and the brightest" of the next generation has to offer?

Anacostia High School has such a group. SWAP (Students With A Purpose) assists in school-related and civic affairs.

This year the students wanted to contribute some of their holiday energy to Children's by serving as volunteers. Unfortunately for them, hospital regulations governing the age of volunteers are rather strict so they came up with another plan.

On the advice of a faculty sponsor, they decided that the money they would have spent on candy canes for distribution at Children's should instead be a contribution. Our thanks for the $15 donation.

Not to be outdone, many other area schools and affiliated organizations have added their names to our list of contributors:

* The English Studies Division of Prince Georges County Community. College in Largo just checked in with the proceeds from its fund-raising drive: a $425 donation.

* This year, the Special Education Center of the Stonewall Jackson School in Arlington sold poinsettias as a fund-raising project for Children's. And we just received a $100 check as a result.

* From Coolidge High School in Washington, a $50.04 check from its Chapter of the National Honor Society's fund-raising activities for the year.

* And from the Office of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University, a check for $103. The money was collected in lieu of exchanging gifts or Christmas cards among the staff.

* The seventh and eighth graders at the Roger B. Taney Middle School in Temple Hills passed around the lunch pail and came up with $75 for the campaign.

* From the Office of Student Affairs at Catholic University, a $61 contribution for its neighbors at Children's.

* And from Mrs. Branch's third and fourth grade classes at the Belvedere Elementary School in Falls Church, a $109.32 contribution.

* Students in the fifth and sixth grade at the Oakton Elementary School in Oakton donated their weekly earnings from part-time jobs to a kitty for Children's. Their efforts yielded a contribution of $30.20.

* From the students and staff of the Harmony Hill Elementary School in Fort Washington, a check for $225. Again, the contribution was made in lieu of exchanging gifts this holiday season.

* And from the Mount Rainier Elementary School in Mount Rainier, a contribution of $34.

* The Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland in College Park just checked in with a donation of $610.

* Finally, the fifth and sixth grade Library Clubs of Clinton Grove Elementary School in Prince George's County recently received an offer they could not refuse. The media specialist in the library offered to match all contributions to Children's Hospital. The response: a $34 donation.

The resourcefulness of our readers continues to amaze me.

The community of Crofton, Md. is sponsoring a special day called Crofton Day with the Washington Bullets basketball team for Jan. 17. Tickets to the Sunday afternoon game between the Bullets and the Atlanta Hawks are discounted for the event and $1 (tax deductible, of course) of the purchase price will be sent to Children's.

Also, the first 5,000 youngsters (14 and under, sorry gang) will receive an extra treat: an official Bullets cap.

And sales are in no way restricted to Crofton residents. It's a great way to bring the community together and also to make a few new friends.

Questions? Call Steve Murfin at 457-5190.

Contributions with a twist, or:

* The architectural firm of Andrew V. Donnally and Associates in Bethesda has a new collection method. They "sent around a lovely lady with a large martini glass (holds a couple of quarts)" and came up with contributions totaling $235.

* Apparently Riddles restaurant and pub in Alexandria recently had a successful Christmas party. Admission was granted only to those bearing "toys for tots" or a contribution for Children's Hospital. With Washington Redskins as bartenders and an autographed Redskins football as a raffle prize, the club put together an impressive contribution of $643.

* Mac McCall's Starweavers Square Dance Club in Fairfax decided that rather than exchanging gifts, members would donate the cost of a gift to Children's. Between deep breaths, they sent in a contribution of $58.

* Another group of young people was weaving a little song with Christmas carols in Springfield when one of the neighbors complained, "How come you only sang two songs?" Suddenly the woman stuffed $2 into the hand of one of the girls. And their first thought, bless 'em, was Children's. Bravo!

* From the Lewisdale Citizen's Association in Hyattsville, a contribution of $50 in lieu of a Christmas home decoration contest.

* And the Adoption Workers at the Prince George's County Department of Social Services send special thanks for one boy who recently had heart surgery at Children's and is now doing fine. Along with their thanks, a check for $98.

* The David Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center at Carderock, Md., has increased its contribution dramatically. This year's amount is a handsome $1,375.35. And I'm told that $200 also was raised to purchase toys for the kids at the hospital.

* From the Advanced Equipment Company in Capitol Heights, a contribution of $50.

And from the Washington Service Center of Datacrown, Inc. in Silver Spring, a contribution of $40.

* The Office of the General Counsel at Comsat in Washington just sent in the money left over from its Christmas luncheon. With a little assistance after the fact, the total topped off at $100.

* Finally, Chapter 216 of the Federal Managers Association just scored a contribution of $250. Their chapter consists of craft supervisors at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing "(You know, the guys who pint the money and the postage stamps)."

To contribute to the campaign:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071