A stripper who performed at a recent D.C. Superior Court probation office Christmas party was "innocently hired" by a woman in charge of the entertainment committee for the party, a senior D.C. court official said yesterday.

Larry M. Polansky, the D.C. court system's executive officer, said the dancing "was in poor taste" and showed "poor judgment" on the part of the probation office employe, whom he refused to name.

The young stripper, who Polanski said was hired as an "interpretive dancer," performed before 150 stunned court personnel and guests just after the office choir sang Christmas carols at the Dec. 18 party, held on the second floor of Building B in the Superior Court complex at 409 E St. NW. Although some judges attended the party, none apparently was there at about 3 p.m., when the dance occurred.

Polanski said he received a report on the incident, but refused to release the report or say who prepared it. Shortly after the incident, however, Polanski asked Alan M. Schuman, head of the probation office, known formally as the Social Services Division, for a written report.

"I've heard at least half a dozen versions" of the incident, Polanski said, and it is still unclear how much the woman had disrobed or how long she had been dancing before Schuman "stopped the music." Polanski said the various accounts had the woman dancing from 70 seconds to six to eight minutes before Schuman ordered the disc jockey to stop the recorded music. Schuman could not be reached for comment yesterday.

"There was never any baring of breasts," Polanski said. "She had on a halter top of sorts," he said, and apparently flesh-colored tights.

Polanski said he and D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge H. Carl Moultrie I will review the report to discuss what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken. One court official familiar with personnel guidelines said that the staff member at most might be reprimanded.