The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics will announce today the members of a special task force to investigate the foul-ups in the Nov. 3 election and recommend ways to avoid repeating them.

The board also is expected to take the first step toward centralizing the day-to-day direction of its operations. It will vote on a proposal to hire an executive director, in effect reviving a job abolished several years when a previous board membership wanted to get rid of Norvell E. Perkins, who then held the job.

In recent years, the election agency's activities have been directed by four staff officials of about equal rank, each responsible individually to the three-member board. As a result of a stopgap shakeup last year, the board's administrative officer, Lillie G. Fitzgerald, directed the Nov. 3 election alone rather than sharing that role with the sidelined elections administrator, Mary S. Rodgers.

However, there was widespread confusion over registration information at the polling places, new procedures (including a requirement that voters produce identification cards) and uncertainty over district boundaries for Advisory Neighborhood commissioners who were up for election.

Slated for appointment to the investigations task force are Jeanus B. Parks, a former elections board chairman; Barry Campbell, former administrative assistant to City Council Chairman Arrington Dixon; Evie Rooney, wife of former representative Fred Rooney (D-Pa.), and Gary Greenhalgh, a specialist in the technical aspects of elections for the Federal Elections Commission. They will be asked to submit their report within 90 days.