Look for Treasury to announce plans next week for short-term furloughs for workers in a number of units, including the Office of the Secretary, Bureau of the Mint and the Bureau of Government Financial Operations. Treasury brass say it is too early to say there will be furloughs. But insiders say that payroll offices have drawn up contingency plans for four-day-week payrolls for some units.

Treasury is one of many agencies still without congressionally approved budget, spending or personnel targets. Many agencies are operating in the dark--this is the third month of the new fiscal year--waiting to see what kind of cuts they will be required to make in fiscal 1982.

Most agencies know they will be required to cut personnel costs, but, because of the budget delay, they don't know how much. Some agencies--among them, portions of Treasury, General Services Administration and Office of Personnel Management--were hit with a surprise 4 percent additional cut (on top of an earlier 12 percent budget cut) in the continuing resolution Congress approved just before its Christmas recess. GSA, for example, has sent out a new batch of RIF (reduction in force) alert notices and has prepared contingency plans to furlough up to 11,000 workers for short periods of time.