A Massachusetts man and his female companion have been charged in connection with the abduction and rape of the woman's mother, according to Prince George's County police.

The couple allegedly drove the 61-year-old woman from Massacusetts to Maryland before they were stopped by Prince George's police Tuesday morning for a routine traffic violation.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the 24-year-old man and the 20-year-old woman went to her mother's apartment in North Attleboro some time Monday. The couple then allegedly forced the victim into her car and began driving.

Police said the man was driving the victim's car at approximately 7 a.m. Tuesday when a Prince George's County police officer stopped the car for running a red light in Bladensburg. The alleged victim got out of the car and reported the incident to the police officer, who took the couple into custody. Police said it is unclear where or when the assault took place.

The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to Prince George's County General Hospital where she was treated and released. Police said that another daughter flew from Boston to meet the victim and accompanied her to Massachusetts.

The man has been charged with kidnaping and a first-degree sex offense and is being held without bond in the County Detention Center in Upper Marlboro. Police said the man's female companion, who allegedly assisted in the rape by restraining her mother, was charged with kidnaping. She was also held on $25,000 bond.

The county state's attorney's office said a decision is pending on whether to try the couple in Maryland or Massachusetts.