A former pharmacy technician at Children's Hospital pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to a charge that he fraudulently used the hospital's name to obtain a shipment of the pain-killing drug Talwin.

The technician, Richard D. Jones Jr., 28, of 25 V St. NE, was arrested in November after he was stopped by a hospital security guard as he was leaving the building. According to court records, Jones was carrying a brown paper bag that contained the drug.

Talwin can be mixed with an antihistamine, melted and then used as a heroin substitute, law enforcement officials said. Jones, who had worked at the hospital for about a year, faces four years in jail, a $30,000 fine or both on the charge.

At the time of Jones' arrest, police also found in the paper bag six bottles of antihistamine tablets along with the Talwin, as well as a rush order form for the drugs that was signed by Jones, according to court records. The street value of the drugs was $7,200, the records said. A hospital spokesman said yesterday that Jones was dismissed from his job following his arrest.

A grand jury indictment had charged Jones with obtaining the Talwin by fraud, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and grand larceny for the theft of the Talwin and the six bottles of the antihistamine, called pyribenzamine (PBZ).

In exchange for Jones' guilty plea to the fraud charge yesterday, the government has agreed to drop the remaining two counts in the indictment. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey, who accepted Jones' guilty plea yesterday, has not yet scheduled a date for sentencing.