A communications technician for the U.S. Marshals Service has been charged with the armed robbery of a Northern Virginia bank and burglarizing a suburban Maryland home, authorities said yesterday.

David K. Kirby, 35, a 10-year Marshals Service employe, was charged with taking more than $5,000 in a holdup of a First Virginia Bank branch in Fairfax County, according to an FBI spokesman. The robbery occurred Thursday evening at a bank branch at 8383 Leesburg Pike, the FBI said.

Kirby, a College Park resident, also was charged by Montgomery County police with burglarizing a Silver Spring home shortly after the Fairfax bank holdup. A Montgomery police spokesman said that apparently nothing was taken in the Chiswell Lane breakin.

A Marshals Service spokesman described Kirby as a GS11 technical employe assigned to the service's national headquarters at Tysons Corner and said action was taken immediately to discharge him. "He was not an operational law enforcement type. He was administrative. He has been relieved of his administrative duties," the spokesman said.

Authorities said Kirby was arrested by Montgomery County police after he was found hiding under a car. A revolver was found in his right sock, police said. The FBI said $5,427 in cash, some of it marked with a special red dye that linked it to the bank, was discovered in Kirby's car.

Kirby was ordered held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center in Rockville by a Maryland district court judge yesterday.