At least 22 holdover state job holders in Virginia, many of them careerists, can breathe easier as Charles S. Robb moves into the governorship today. Robb said he'll reappoint them.

The 22 include one official well known in Northern Virginia, S. John Davis, state superintendent of public instruction, a former Fairfax County superintendent of schools who also is currently serving as the state's acting secretary of education.

Other top names on the list of reappointees are S. Mason Carbaugh, agriculture commissioner; Denny M. Slane, state police superintendent, and Donald E. Williams, motor vehicles commissioner.

Also on the list was Walter W. Price, director of Gunston Hall, the home of Revolutionary War patriot George Mason located in southeastern Fairfax County, which is maintained as a state historic site.

What of the other agency heads below cabinet rank?

No conclusions should be drawn, Robb said, adding: "I'll be announcing additional reappointments in the near future. In certain other cases, I'll make new appointments. And, in a few cases, I've decided to postpone a final decision . . . ."

Others on Robb's reappointment list are these agency heads:

Frederick W. Walker, conservation and economic development; Willard G. Plentl, aviation; John T. Hanna, transportation safety; Harold K. Anderson, emergency and energy services; A.P. Tucker Jr., Capitol police; Hiram R. Johnson, computer services.

Also, George L. Hall, telecommunications; Ronald W. Miller, management development and systems; Otis G. Dishner, housing and community development; Michaux H. Wilkinson, local government commission; Rob Roy Blackmore, outdoor recreation commission.

Also, Bernhardt C. Leynes Jr., soil and water conservation commission; William R. Meyer, air pollution control board; Charles H. Coleman, milk commission; Ross L. Weeks, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; John J. Wicker II, war memorial commission, and James R. Bray, Virginia Port Authority.